Author. Inspired by Creativity, Imagination and Design.


This Guy


Here are some of my favorite things:

  • Hanging with my family
  • Exploring the globe
  • Eating tasty nosh
  • Watching people
  • Learning
  • Writing
  • Imagining

I love to write. Historical fiction. Literary fiction. Sometimes with a Southern flair—an homage to my roots. 

I love fleshing out a storyline, developing characters, writing dialogue. I love to be inspired by items, events, and people of the past. I especially love when unlikely friendships develop between characters.

When others express true creativity, I get agitated. I feel compelled to do something—something creative. When I see Les Miserables on stage, I have to write. When I see a Georgia O'Keefe original, I have to write. When I walk the halls of ancient cathedrals, I have to write. 

What I really mean is I feel moved to express my own creativity. Writing is my medium. So I want to share what I'm working on, what I discover that inspires me, and I hope my journey to keep the inventive juices flowing sparks the creative element in you.