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A Letter to My Friends With Fascinating Quirks

Photo: Pablo Heimplatz

Photo: Pablo Heimplatz

Dear Friends,

I know you’ve told me that you don’t want to appear as a character in any of my books. But how can I resist?

You do such intriguing things.

One of you tucks your shirt into your underwear.

One of you straightens products on shelves as you shop at grocery stores because you like things tidy.

One of you insists on entering and leaving a building through the same door.

One of you leaves drawers and cabinet doors open a crack — in case you decide to go back for one more item.

One of you walks around the airport wearing your neck pillow around your neck.

One of you won’t eat the last piece of anything — you always cut it in half and leave a little. And then cut it in half again and leave a little.

One of you speaks to inanimate objects like a cherished friend.

One of you is obsessed with Tinkerbell.

And the objects you choose to collect… well, how can I let those slide?

So my wonderful, wacky friends, don’t fret! 

This isn’t about judgment. This is about studying what makes people tick, what makes life rich, and what makes you so special to me.

You don’t know how fascinating you are. You’re probably unaware that you perform these charming quirks. I suspect you won’t even know that you’ve inspired me as I weave your lovable idiosyncrasies into my characters. 

I offer sincere gratitude. 

Thank you for giving me something honest and beautiful worth capturing.


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